“Because of MACS, I have the opportunity to share ideas with, and learn from my peers and colleagues: many of whom I am happy to call “friend”. As Bookstore managers, we work in an ever changing, dynamic industry. We are looked upon as experts on our campuses. Often, when we have questions, our administrators aren’t able to help us. That’s when I NEED MACS!”

Robert Hirsch, Delaware Valley University Bookstore

“Because of MACS, I met Kathy Grace, who taught me to say yes to public speaking even though it terrified me. Her advice was simple – just do it, and even though it’s difficult now, it will get easier. It was exactly what I needed to hear find the confidence to try. She was right, it’s still difficult, but it’s getting better!”

Sara Ellenberger, Textbook Director, The Co-op Store at Indiana University of Pennsylvania

“MACS has provided me the possibility to network and educate myself with a diversified group of professionals specific to my geographic region. I have been in the industry for 26 years and I have never seen an association as dedicated to my success as MACS! MACS is an exceptionally strong organization that is committed to helping me succeed and evolve in these ever changing times!”

Peter Salce, Associate Director, Philadelphia University Bookstore

“Because of MACS, my store has been able to network and communicate more effectively in the college store industry. For several years, Towson did not participate with MACS events, but since 2010 we have actively engaged with the MACS community and it has definitely benefited our staff. Since reconnecting with MACS, we have been able to identify and enhance products & services that are enabling other stores in our area to find success. For us, MACS membership has definitely opened the door to greater possibilities.”

Tim Collins, Associate Director, Towson University Store

“MACS affords me the opportunity to seek and share knowledge. What an incredibly diverse group of individuals who unite as one resource to help others succeed in the ever changing landscape of our industry.”

Michael J. Kotlinski, Director, Gettysburg College Bookstore

“Because of MACS, I am able to meet new people and create relationships with others in the college store world that I would not have been able to otherwise. It's one thing to see vendors, work with them, and learn about different products that benefit my store; but it's my colleagues at other stores that I learn the most from. When we relax and have a drink at the bar that seems to be the most "educational" part of the day!”

Karen Normann, CCR, The ‘Berg Bookshop at Muhlenberg College

“Across the years we all have seen the university course materials scene morph into models that we could not have imagined 10 years ago. MACS has given me an opportunity to learn through education sessions, speakers and other members specifically what new approaches and technologies are offering to keep our operation up to date. We could not have maintained our successful operation without this input.”

Gerry Wood, CCR, Book Division Manager, Salisbury University Bookstore

“I think that the strength of MACS lies in its members and the relationships we build. As a regional organization, it is important to support one another as much as we can, and I am proud to say that we do!”

Stacy Elofir, University Store Director, Towson University Bookstore

“MACS has been a great networking source for me on both sides. I have been able to meet new customers through the annual meeting, and I have also been able to introduce new customers to MACS. I spread the word as I am on the road to encourage more people to get involved with MACS. Attending the annual show gives me the ability to interact with existing and possible customers in a different environment, and lets me showcase my products in a "see-all" fashion so people can get a broader view of what I can offer their store.”

Heather Hahn, Independent Sales Rep

“Membership in MACS has been a wonderful experience. When I talk about MACS, one of the first things I tell people is that the MACS network provides a world of information to HIGH SCHOOL STORES. ..I have met amazing and talented individuals who are the heart and soul of MACS. … some of the buying services have significantly reduces costs. This year we joined the Partnership Shipping Program and have saved over $9,000 in shipping costs. Attending the Super Regional and local shows provides me with an opportunity to grow educationally through the courses offered. The benefits of a High School Store joining MACS are numerous and include opportunities for advanced education directly related to our industry, networking with amazing professionals and more economical and efficient purchasing.”

Nancy Gustitis, Manager, Malvern Prep School

“MACS is a great organization to belong to if for no other reason than the amount of information available from all the other stores within MACS and the willingness to share that information. In 35 years I have received numerous answers and ideas to aid our store. I have also made many personal contacts that will last a lifetime long after I retire.”

Ed Biertempfel, Manager, University Book Center – Clarion University

“MACS helps us stay connected with our customers, the trade shows allow us to meet with our buyers, present new products, and network in a relaxed environment. Although our sales reps see stores often during the year, the MACS Trade Show enables Church Hill Classics to get to know our buyers personally and hear the specific challenges they face. This helps us tailor our products and programs to their needs.”

Helen Taylor, National Sales Manager, Church Hill Classics

“Attending the MACS annual meeting has always been a must for me; and not just for the trade show. I found out that there was a lot of value in attending the educational sessions. I was able to take away information that helped me understand more about our industry. In servicing my bookstore customers, I found that the more I knew about their job, the better partner I could be in their success.”

Colleen Heiles, Regional Manager, Balfour

“I feel the trade shows are important because they help me meet with more of my customers then I can sometimes see in the course of a year due to a large sales territory. At the trade show I can show them our new products and take the time to review show specials. Local networking is also the most terrific part of MACS for both vendors and stores.”

Chuck Shorter, Sales Rep, Hamilton Bell

“My very first industry meeting was a MACS Fall Meeting, and at that meeting, I met other managers with whom I have been friends for my entire 33 year career. It wasn’t long before I got involved on a committee, became a committee chairperson, and eventually was honored to serve as MACS President in 2003-2004. Along the way, I made many more MACS friends, shared the ups and downs of this industry, and each other’s careers, and served the MACS members together in every way. I credit MACS with having the greatest positive influence on my career and the development of my professionalism, among all the other organizations with which I’ve been involved. MACS is my ‘home’ within the college store industry. Is it yours?"

Frank L. Henniger