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Middle Atlantic College Stores, Inc.

Strategic Plan 2009– 2015

The Middle Atlantic College Stores Association was organized on October 28, 1969, in Morristown, New Jersey, and became an official organization on April 13, 1970. Membership consisted of stores in Delaware, the District of Columbia, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and associate members. At the 1970 meeting, it was resolved that vendors would be accepted as Associates on an individual basis and that they would participate as equal members of this association.

MACS Mission

MACS is an Association whose mission is to Develop and Enhance the Professionalism and Profitability of its members.

MACS Vision

Middle Atlantic College Stores strives to provide educational opportunities and member services while encouraging and developing each individual's professionalism and leadership skills. As a volunteer association, MACS seeks to create a nurturing community where members can learn, teach and network in a supportive and collaborative environment.


In March 2005, it was determined by the Executive Board of the Middle Atlantic College Stores, that the Long Range Planning Committee would explore the need for a strategic plan. The last plan completed in 1994 was obsolete and the organization was looking for future direction. In July 2005, the Long Range Planning Committee met at East Stroudsburg University to determine a course of action. A meeting was held October 10, 2005 to begin the initial stages of identifying goals and actions items related to each goal. A draft plan, identifying these goals and action items was presented to the board at the October 2005 board meeting. A final planning meeting was held in December 2005 where the Executive Board members finalized the plan. This document will represent the Strategic Plan for 2010—2014 for the Middle Atlantic College Stores, Inc. The plan will be reviewed on annual basis to modify action items.

*Financial Reserves includes the $10,000 Certificate of Deposit.

Management of the Plan

The organization President is charged with the responsibility of managing and maintaining the plan. The plan will be updated and circulated to each board member after each board meeting. Annually, at the June board meeting, the plan will be reviewed in its entirety. At that time the board will review the plan specifics:

  • Threats and opportunities (to the organization or to store and/or vendor members)

  • All goals and strategies

  • All dates and progress assessments

  • Responsibility assignments

Threats and opportunities were initially identified in surveys of the board members and they were key in the creation of the strategic plan and each of the individual goals. Because they were addressed in relation to each goal, there is currently no formal list. It will be the board’s responsibility to create the first formal list of 10 threats and 10 opportunities at the fall ‘06 board meeting.

Plan Distribution

Internal—all information will be distributed to Board members and to any member who requests it.

External—a limited version including the information below will be distributed to past presidents, the membership at large and will be posted on the MACS website.

Association Metrics
Management of the Plan