How to Join MACS

Membership is open to college stores and K-12 stores directly engaged in retail sales of books, supplies, and/or other merchandise necessary to students and faculties of educational institutions; individuals and/or firms who sell merchandise to those stores defined above; branch stores whose parent store is already a member may also become full members upon payment of regular annual dues. Annual dues are $150 for a calendar year (January 1 - December 31).

In summary, you are eligible to join MACS if you are:

  • An institutional, private or contracted college store or K-12 store.

  • A branch store

  • An individual or firm who wishes to supply the collegiate market with goods and services.

Benefits of becoming a MACS member:

  • Buying Show - A buying show is held at our Annual Meeting and Trade Show.

  • Educational Programs - MACS is here to educate our members. One way we do this is by offering several one-day sessions held each summer in convenient locations throughout the Middle Atlantic Region. These sessions are meant to educate and inform our members of the latest trends and industry changes as well as enhance their knowledge and professionalism. In addition to these summer sessions we offer a range of educational and break-out forums at our Annual Fall Meeting. They cover a variety of current subjects that are relevant to our industry.

  • Newsletters - A comprehensive and informative newsletter is sent to all our active members 3-4 times per calendar year. The newsletters address current challenges and achievements related to the Middle Atlantic Region as well as nationally.

  • Professional Development - A membership directory is readily available on our web site to all our dues-paying members. You can access member contact information, post and review current employment opportunities and engage in our MACS blogs.

  • Scholarship Opportunities - MACS offers financial assistance to members to attend meetings and educational sessions. (Please refer to the Scholarship Application on-line).

As an ever-growing and diversifying association, MACS encourages every college, university, K-12 store, and collegiate vendor to take the initiative to become an active member. Combining our expertise, professionalism, and experience will result in a cooperative effort where we all win. Together we can strengthen our industry and enhance our Middle Atlantic College Store Association. To become a member click here to register.